Playa Litibu, La Manzanilla

Playa Litibu, Nayarit

After staying in the city for several days we were ready to get away from the crowds and onto a quite beach. With some advice from a couple friends and ioverlander (our favorite app) we ended up at Litibu beach. Litibu is just south of Sayulita. The South end of the beach is occupied by three resorts while the north end is quite and tranquil consisting of empty lots and vacation houses. We found a space right on the beach and paid 50 pesos ($2.50 USD) to park (camp) indefinitely.


Neras, the man who took care of the property was a Zenlike figure who we likened to the Mexican “Dude” (Big Lebowski). Every morning he would wake up, walk his rounds and an hour later take a nap in his hammock on the beach. He spent his days socializing with whoever may be enjoying the beach that day. We spent a couple nights drinking beer and practicing our Spanish with him.
One day we used our Gringo good looks to sneak into a 5 star resort and poach some poolside luxury.  Yes, that is an infinite pool.  Its not usual that it helps to look like an American tourist in Mexico, so we took full advantage.

The rest of our days at Litibu were spent relaxing, walking the beach and swimming/attempting to surf in the ocean. Our friends Juan and Sindy came to visit a few times, but stayed nights in Sayulita as they had a friend visiting.


La Manzanilla, Jalisco

With a couple weeks to kill before we were to meet friends in Sayulita, we decided to head south to a town called La Manzanilla. The advice to visit came from Meridian’s uncle Tom, who had made the town his Winter home for many years. As we drove into La Manzanilla we were pleasantly surprised by the towns charm, but weren’t impressed by the campsites near town, so the first coupe nights we boondocked right in town behind the church.

We were told by Meridians dad and uncle that we should try to find one of Tom’s old drinking buddies Oz, we began the search the night we got in. He no longer lived in the place where he and Tom lived for years. The owner told us he moved out a couple weeks before we showed up, bummer.  Later that night we ended up chatting with a Canadian named Howie who ended up knowing Oz.  The next day he took us to his house where we found him in his back yard drinking a beer and eating a sausage.  This was funny as Meridian’s dad has told us that he lives on beer and sausage…  We chatted, told him who we were and made plans to meet him at the drinking hole later that afternoon. The location of choice for the local drinkers ended up being a street side liquor store with tables beside it. A cheap and easy way to meet friend for a drink. The “club” met everyday at 3 to BS and enjoys libation. That day Oz and his housemate Holly invited us to pull Cici into their backyard.  A tight squeeze and a few tree limbs later we got in there.  It was nice to have spot off the street where we could set up camp.

One day we went to the crocodile refuge, which consisted of suspended walkways over a croc filled swamp. Meridian was very unsure of the construction and refused to let go of the rails, especially while walking across the suspension bridge!

Most of our days were spent hanging out with Oz and his friends, Enjoying live music at nights and trying not to die from the heat and humidity.


One day we drove to have a beach at at Tenacatita Beach, also known as The Aquarium. There was amazing snorkeling and we got the chance to play with our underwater camera some more!


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