Colima, Sayulita


With a few more day to kill before our friends showed up to Sayulita, we decided to take a quick trip down to the state of Colima.  The main attraction for us was an active volcano, and to simply get on the road again!

Heading towards a campground at the base of the volcano, we made a few tourist stops in Colima, Colima and Comala.  Our first pit stop was the beautiful plaza in the city of Colima, where we sat down for lunch and toured the museum of history.

After, we headed a few km north to Comala, a Pueblo Magico know for its beautifully restored buildings, all of which are painted a pure white.  We picked a couple items out of the tour book and gave them a try.  First, we sat down as a local restaurant to see what the Botanas were all about.  The  theory was that if you sit down and order a drink the server will start to bring out small snacks of traditional cuisine.  Well it worked, and after a couple of beers and four rounds of food we definitely didn’t need to think about dinner. Second we visited one of the many shops that sells Ponche, a traditional punch like liquor that comes in a wide variety of flavors.  We tried a sample of several and settled on the cacahuate (peanut) flavor, it came in a cream base and seemed similar to an Irish Cream. Later that night we made a cocktail similar to a White Russian (damn good) and in some mornings after splashed in our morning coffee as a treat.

Next, off to the main attraction, Volcan de Fuego!  The drive to the campground was steep and offered views of the smoking volcano.  We arrived to the campground at dusk and it was literally a breath of fresh air.  The cold, dry mountain air was a relief from the hot humid air of La Manzanilla.  The campground was nestled in between forested hills and sat upon green grass.  The area reminded us of camping back home in Oregon.  We put on pants and long sleeves for the first time in months.


The next morning we went for a walk up to a place called Yerbabuena, where we had read there was a cafe in the middle of nowhere.  The walk up was upon a cobblestone road and gave fantastic views of the volcano and surrounding farm land.

We reached the cafe/farm/coffee roaster at the end of the road.  Beans were laid out on a concrete slab to dry and a commercial grade espresso machine sat on a counter in a small building.  We were greeted by the owner, he was very happy to chat and answer questions.  He ended up selling us a kilo of ground coffee to go and a frappe to cool down with while we chatted.

He had a cool boars head hanging up on the wall.



Sayulita, Nayarit

Finally!  It was time to head back up North to pick up our friends for a week of fun in Sayulita.  We picked up Alex, Andrea, Andrea’s parents, and of course baby Junpier their 6 month old baby from the Puerto Vallarta airport.  The flight was on time and the pickup went smooth, everyone cramming into old Cici.  The streets of Sayulita are very tight and made for an interesting entrance to the week.

Alex and Andrea rented a beautiful home in the hub of Sayulita, complete with a shaded front patio and big swimming pool to help beat the heat. We spent the majority of the week hanging out in the “compound” eating, drinking, laughing and playing Cuarenta.  Juni loved Paul’s surfboard.

We let ourselves out of the gates at least once a day to tour the town and check out some local cuisine.

We took a day trip with the entire group to hang out on the beach in San Pancho.  Juni got her first swim in an ocean!

It seems as though Juniper and the Johnson’s took most of the camera time this week. For the grand finale, Andrea treated the group to a booze cruise for A.J.’s birthday! Happy birthday A.J.!

Oh ya!  We found a Nicole in San Pancho and took her with us.


Thanks for the week Johnson’s!  It was a blast.

Oh yea… Meridian has been practicing her hair cutting skills.

Take 1: Bull-Cut Undercut, Very cool in 1995


Take 2: Buzz Cut Mohawk





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