Cruising the Gulf of Mexico (Or Sea of Cortez if you prefer)

The casual beach days of Baja were over for us and we were ready to head to Mainland Mexico for something new!  We enjoyed the time lazing on the beach, exploring new parts of Baja, and traveling in a zone we were familiar with, but we were ready to move on!

Meridian got to spend two and a half exciting days in Tijuana getting a new passport and tourist card while Paul enjoyed Carnival in La Paz with our friends Juan and Sindy.

Carnival went a little something like this…

There are no pictures of Meridian in Tijuana because it was pretty lame.  However, she got an “emergency” passport and a new tourist card and got back to La Paz in less than three days!  In fact, she got back to La Paz early on March 1st (previous post said the 2nd, we lied) and we were on the ferry by the end of that day!  Long day considering she was up at 1:30am to head to the airport for a 4am flight….

After a bit of research and talking with fellow travelers, we decided to take the TMC Ferry to Mazatlan, Mexico.  This way we could sleep in Cici and not have to pay for a cabin.  Turns out there were pros and cons to that situation.


  • We got to stay with Cici
  • Our friends Juan and Sindy traveled with us on the ferry
  • Free meals
  • Something different than the usual tourist ferry to Mexico


  • We were literally sandwiched between a semi truck full of potatoes and another truck hauling a whole lot of stuff.  In fact, we were the only vehicles that were not semitrucks!
  • Zero safety regulations.  For example: open doors to the ocean, everything was slippery and included trip ropes and chains laying around everywhere, icky bathrooms

Now, the “cons” really weren’t that bad at all.  It actually made the experience pretty fun!  We made the best of it and had fun wandering around the ferry.  We arrived in Mazatlan 16 hours later and immediately started to drive South.

First stop – San Blas, Nayarit!

Cute little town, enjoyed walking around and exploring our first spot in mainland Mexico. HOWEVER, we were eaten alive by sand fleas and it was out of control.  We ran from the beach at night when they were the worst, and returned when they died down.  The morning was no better… We ended up heading out pretty early to check out a small town called San Pancho.

Second, and more successful stop – San Pancho, Nayarit

The. Drive.  Seriously, the drive through the “Riviera Nayarit” was out of this world!  We were finally in the beautiful jungles of Mexico with fruit trees all around us.

We pulled into San Pancho and were pleasantly surprised by how adorable it was.  Lots of travelers there as well and people park their overlander vehicles around the park in the middle of the town and camp.  We found a spot and made ourselves at home.  Spent three days relaxing there and enjoying the beach and the town.

Now, we will have to revisit this blog post again for two reasons.  1) the laptop is going to die and I can’t find an outlet. 2) Meridian’s pictures are all on the external hard drive and that is with Paul in the camper.  (I want to add my pictures!)

TTFN!  We will return with more info and more pictures!



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