Wow. We left Baja March 2nd…

Lots has happened since the last update, so here is a bit of an update:

East Cape Snorkeling

Rancho Sol Del Mayo – Beautiful river and waterfall


We took the ferry from La Paz –> Mazatlan on March 2nd (I think)

East Cape

Cabo Pulmo is a marine reserve in Baja with the only hard coral reef in North America.  We headed there from Pedrito Beach to snorkel for a few days.  As we arrived we ran into some friends we had made all the way back in Bahia Concepcion (who happen to be from Eugene)!


We got to hike to some amazing rock formations…

Plus the snorkeling was out of this world! (Getting better at taking under water photos)

All in all, it was fantastic!

From there we drove to find some fresh water, which was something we were looking forward to after months of salt water activities.

We found Rancho Sol del Mayo!

This was an AMAZING fresh water oasis in the East Cape area that was a great break from the ocean.  We swam, jumped off rocks (well, Paul did that), made new friends, hiked, and had a blast.  You will read about these wonderful new friends, Juan & Sindy, in future posts as we have become on and off travel buddies for the last few months.

After this amazing natural adventure, we headed to the airport in Cabo to pick up our parents!  Not just Meridian’s parents, not just Paul’s parents, but BOTH sets of parents.  Lucky us, talk about two for the price of one!

Todos Santos with the fam


This picture was from the mid/end of their visit, and that man on the far right is not related to us, but it was the only picture of all of us together!

Now, what we are about to write will not do justice to this awesome week we had with our families.  We were lucky enough to get our whole crew together for a week in Baja.  We are both super grateful for the time spent with our parents, and it was a wonderful break from the beach life (aka showers, toilets, couches, etc.)

While our darling parents were visiting we got to do SO MUCH cool stuff.

  • We went out to some super yummy breakfast/lunch/dinner meals as a crew
  • Spent time together with our families
  • Saw baby turtles being born (again)
  • Walked the entire town of Todos Santos
  • Visited our beach friends at San Pedrito for a sunset
  • Explored local beaches
  • Laughed and played together
  • Generally had a fantastic time as one big happy family

OH! We also took a day trip to La Paz!

Parents: You probably have way more/way better pictures from the trip, this is just what Paul and I had.  WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

Side note… On the first night that the parents were there, we parked Cici on the street in front of the house, and she got broken into…  Some jerk face broke the window and got in and stole Meridian’s passport (and eye glasses, how rude).  Luckily, Paul’s parents heard the commotion and scared the idiot away.  So even though Paul’s passport was literally right next to Meridian’s, he only had enough time to grab hers.  Not ideal, but better than BOTH passports.

You will read about the adventures of Meridian’s new passport in future blog posts, but rest assured all is good.

After dropping our parents off we spent another week at San Pedrito relaxing and preparing for Paul to head to Carnival while Meridian headed to Tijuana for her passport.

We were more than happy to have the chance to say goodbye to good friends at the beach before moving on to mainland Mexico.




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