It’s a small, small world!

The beach where the turtles were born!

After escaping the windy East coast, we arrived in Todos Santos.  Meridian’s mission was to go see the baby turtles head for the ocean, so that is what we did.  There is a community organization that got the land protected for a turtle habitat, and they release turtles seasonally as the babies hatch.  Volunteers help dig the babies out and sometimes even help them crawl out of the shells!


20170126_165355 (2)

It was amazing watching them be released into the ocean at sunset.  They instinctively crawl straight for the ocean, and then get beaten back by the waves several times before finally making it into the surf.

IMG_20170128_072222_712So that was amazing, and on Meridian’s “bucket list” – all in all a magical experience.

Paul wanted to get to the surf beach South of Todos Santos before it got dark, so we hightailed it out of there and drove South toward the town of Pescadero.  We had a general idea about where we were going, but there were dozens of dirt tracks off the highway and we weren’t sure which one to take.  We took a wild guess and headed toward the beach, only to end up in the middle of a huge farm.  Eventually, after trying several other sandy tracks, we made it to the beach!  Of course, it was dark, so we pulled in and parked for the night with our usual intent on finding a better spot in the morning.

The next day we scored some ocean front property and settled in with the intent to stay a while.


(This is where the whole “It’s a small world” part comes in…)

While lounging about on the beach, someone came over and wanted to check out Cici (or “kick the tires” as they all seem to say).  Paul and him got talking, and it turns out this guy is from Lillooet! That tiny town we were broken down in for a month in Canada.  He actually saw Cici parked outside of the mechanic and was going to come check out the rig then, but he was in a rush.  Crazy, right?!

After hanging and chatting for a while he offered for us to join his camp down the beach since his friends had just left. We decided to move on over since his camp came with a sweet shade structure, fire pit, and an adorable dog (Hank).

We spent a ton of time at this beach.  It was nice to get the bikes off the camper and be able to ride into Pescadero, long walks on the beach were a pretty regular activity, we had plenty of space for yoga mats, there was good surf for beginners (like us), and the people were fantastic.

While we were enjoying our time at San Pedrito, Paul made some connections and found someone to weld up Cici’s butt!  We had the little mishap back in San Diego and pretty much put a bandaid on a broken arm.  This seemed like the perfect place to really fix the problem!  Paul was able to drive Cici to a house in Pescadero where this guy had welding equipment, space, and time to help fix her up.


20170203_105644 Meridian set up a tent on the beach while Paul got to work.

Work aside, we had some great times on the beach at San Pedrito.

  • Meridian got to hang out with an actual female (mostly men seem to travel in Baja) and practice surfing at a gentle beach near by.
  • We made a day trip to Las Palmas and enjoyed the perfect swimming beach


  • We loved the sunsets, especially on our neighbor’s sunset viewing deck


  • We met a huntsman spider (I think that is what it is… correct me if I’m wrong) that was way too big and fast for Meridian’s taste.


  • Every Tuesday was a fun open mic with food, drinks, and dancing.

20170131_185321We basically just had a great time staying at San Pedrito.  We only left because we wanted to explore the East Cape to snorkel and check out a waterfall inland to get away from the salt water.  Stay tuned, that exciting adventure is next!


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