Playing some blog catch-up…

This is an attempt to get our blog caught up, so it will be a bit more short and sweet.

Punta Conejo – Surfer beach/our first time getting stuck in sand
La Paz & Playa Tecolote – Our first time in an actual RV park and beach camping
Here we go….

Punta Conejo – Apparently we didn’t take a single picture while we were here….

This is a very cool beach with a TON of surfers. We spent the first night in a temporary spot due to the fact that we pulled up in the dark.

Pulling up in the dark is awful. First of all, you literally can’t see where you are and you don’t want to blast everyone in the camp with your headlights. So you end up doing the best you can and waiting till morning.

It really wasn’t bad at all though.
The next day we went to walk the beach and find a new spot! We found what looked like a perfect spot right up next to the water and couldn’t possibly understand why no one else was camped there. The beach was packed and this excellent spot was just open!

Well, we soon found out why no one else was there. As we pull Cici in to our new home, we almost immediately got stuck in the sand, buried half way up the tires. Oops!
Luckily everyone camping in Baja is nice and almost everyone gets stuck in the sand at one point or another. We had nice neighbors help to dig us out, and it took 5+ tries, but we did it! We settled for a less than perfect spot to avoid getting stuck again.

The beach was beautiful and there was plenty to do. Paul continued to work on his surf skills and Meridian enjoyed long walks on the beach (no joke). There was a beautiful hike along the ocean on cliffs where Meridian saw a ton of whales and crabs. All in good fun.
We ended up staying for just a few nights before moving on. The surf was nonexistent, the wind was crazy, and it was cloudy – no bueno.
On to La Paz we went!

La Paz  20170123_145225

What a cool city. Locals and tourist alike are everywhere, and the malecon (waterfront esplanade) is beautiful.
We headed off to our first ever RV park with hook ups and the whole shebang! It was convenient because it was right in the middle of La Paz, so we could walk and bike into town easily.  Paul needed to do some serious work on Cicita del Mar, so we needed the electricity at the park too.

Our first full day, Meridian went to a cool market with the camp neighbor and enjoyed exploring the city with someone who had been there for over a month.

We even ran into some sailors we met in Agua Verde and enjoyed dinner and drinks with them on the malecon while a pre-carnival parade came through.

See what I mean about the size of the pictures?!

After two nights in an RV park, we’d had enough! We relocated to Playa Tecolote a beach 20 minutes outside of La Paz for some peace and quiet. There ended up being a TON of other campers out there, but we found a good spot and set up our home.

A lot of time was spent cleaning up Cicita del Mar, she came out of it all much improved.
We went into La Paz to drop off laundry, our new favorite thing about Mexico. You can get all of your laundry done and folded better than I have ever folded anything for pretty cheap.
While laundry was being done we both ran errands and ended the day with an amazing dinner at Tres Virgines.

Tecolote had some beautiful sunsets….

In the end, we ended up staying at Tecolote for about four days before heading back to the West Coast to get away from the wind!

Next up…

  • San Pedrito – (our longest stay yet), surfing, repairing Cicita, and seeing baby turtles
  • East Cape – amazing snorkeling, funky rock formations, and finding newold friends
  • Rancho Sol de Mayo – a freshwater oasis

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