Agua Verde

Agua Verde came highly recommended to us by several sources. Somehow we hadn’t even heard of it yet, despite several past trips to Baja.  So off we went!

This place is hard to access which keeps the big rigs out, SCORE!  Plus, the way people talk about the road in seems to scare almost everyone away.  If we hadn’t known people who had made the drive, we might have hesitated, but we had the inside scoop.

Honestly, the ride in was worth it on its own.

Oops, almost forgot this gem:


So, we got more excited as the drive continued (slow and steady, it was a crazy road) and stopped to take lots of pictures.  This was exciting for Meridian, because Paul isn’t always in to stopping for pics.

We pulled into the tiny fishing/goat farming town and found one of the many dirt tracks to the beach.  The spot selection was slim, so we pulled into a temporary spot with a plan to find something better as soon as we got some fish tacos in our bellies. Lucky for us, there was an amazing fish taco stand set up on the beach with some of the best fish and shrimp tacos we had tasted so far!


The next day we woke up with an ambition to move to this amazing beach across from the town.


We were warned that the road in is very dangerous and steep, and that people have to be pulled out of that beach all the time.  However, they hadn’t met Cici yet.

We walked the road back to the turn off and went to check out this treacherous road.  We passed some adorable baby goats (Meridian loves baby goats) that had a tiny puppy living with them, it was an outrageously cute experience.



In truth, the road was super sketch.  Meridian had some serious doubts about driving it, but we both really really really wanted to camp there, it was so picturesque!










*Side note: I have very little control over how these photos appear in this blog… big or small, I never know!





Paul really felt like he could make it, and so we packed up and headed out!  Of course, Paul was right, and Cici made her way down the road slowly but surely.












We found ourselves a home on a quiet, beautiful, and secluded beach with clear turquoise waters (hence the name Agua Verde).  This was a place we felt like we could stay for a while, so we set up a nice camp at our own little palapa.

The spot was perfect.  There were places to hike all around, seashells to explore, rocks to climb on, and cool sailboats anchored just off shore.  We were immediately greeted by some local kids and had fun talking with them (practicing Spanish with kids is the best) and their family.  Our time was spent hiking around, meeting sailors from all around the world, and making conversation with local farmers and fishermen.

After having dinner one night with some guys off a sailboat, Paul somehow acquired himself a new boat.  He needed to fill the hole in his heart left by Cicita (the motorcycle), so he acquired Cicita del mar (Cicita of the sea, the boat).  She is a three times used dinghy that was in need of lots of love, but it seemed like a fun idea!  Now we were mobile and could paddle out to snorkel, fish, and even get all the way across the bay into the little town for supplies.  Plus, it gives Paul something to keep busy with.




Paul even caught his first fish off the back of CDM (Cicita del mar)!  With the fish cleaning lessons he had gotten from the locals, he even cleaned it and served it for dinner that night.  It was a Cochita fish and it was super yummy.










A few other highlights:

  • We got to eat the freshest goat cheese ever, it was made daily by a woman in town and was delicious.
  • A scorpion crawled out of our fire pit one night (meaning one of us was carrying the scorpion at one point while collecting wood) and it was frighteningly hard to kill…


  • Meridian found out there is a small kindergarten there that she can volunteer at next time we visit!

All in all, Agua Verde was amazing.  Well worth the trip, we will for sure return next time we visit the Baja.


P.S. we are actually getting ready to take the ferry to Mazatlan and continue our journey South, this blog is about a month behind (or more)… Sorry!  We will get caught up as soon as possible.  Besos!













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