Baja baby!

Finally made it to the Baja!  We crossed in Tecate and had an easy crossing (literally didn’t even ask for our passports). We headed through the Valle de Guadalupe which is the wine route heading southwest from the border to Ensenada.  A large vineyard L.A. Cetto had an amazing restaurant and tasting room.  They allowed us to stay on the vineyard for the night.  A nice easy first day in Baja.


That morning we headed towards Puerto Nuevo to meet one of Paul’s work friends and his family for a lobster lunch.  Always fun to meet people abroad who you know from home!

From there we headed to La Bocana or Punta Santo Tomas, a beautiful beach 20 miles off the highway.  A muddy winding road that heads west from highway 1 through farm country (artichokes and dark greens mainly) and ends up at a beautiful sand beach.  We parked Cici at the top of a hill overlooking the beach and spent the next day walking the beach.  In the afternoon we decided to go and see some baby goats we spotted on the way in, but 10 minutes into the walk a storm hit us by surprise.  We got drenched along with all of our stuff that was outside the RV.  We hunkered down for the night to stay clear of the wind/rain and crossed our fingers that the road out would be passable in the morning.  It was muddy on the way out and we had several places were the road was flooded out, but Cici tractored on, 4WD was useful that day.


Once we got back to the highway we called our friend Jacob who was to visit us for the holidays (Paul’s birthday and Christmas).  The call ended with a consensus to meet in San Felipe for some fun on the beach and a town to play around in for a few days.  So we headed on our way.

The first night we ended up staying right north of town in a community of expats.  We met them as we explored the area looking for somewhere to crash for the night. They were great company  and very gracious to let us stay in front of their house for the night after enjoying some good conversation and drinks on their back patio.  The next day we searched around a looked for where we wanted to stay for the next few nights.  We decided on a RV park/campground Club de Pesca just South of town.  Jacob showed up that afternoon and we walked into town for some dinner and drinks.  The next day we had a big brunch for Paul’s birthday and then headed into Backstreet Bar (Al’s) to celebrate the night.  We ended up carrying on for hours with the family that runs the bar, shots, dice games (for shots) and a whole lot of hilarious music videos on the big screen.  Although the next day was a bit slow moving it was a fun night!  Our big activity on Christmas was to walk the Valle de los Gigantes.

We said our goodbyes to Jacob and started our push south to the more remote and hot climate baja we have grown in love with over the years.  The first stop was a one night pit stop in Bahia San Luis de Gonzaga.  A beautiful place, but always seems to be windy…  We walked the beach that night and in the morning and really enjoyed the feeling of being out of touch with the busy cities/towns once again.

Next top Bahia de Los Angeles!


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