On the Road Again…

We just couldn’t wait to get back on the road again after a two and a half week stop in Portland to see friends and family.  So much so, that we forgot to tell our beloved friends and family that we were leaving again (sorry about that guys)!

It was time for us to head South and find some sunshine and dry weather.  On our way out of town we made several stops throughout Oregon.  First we spent some time in Eugene visiting Meridian’s family.  Next we went to Bend to visit some dear friends there. Then on to Medford to visit Paul’s sister and her family, and we even made a stop in Ashland to visit some more friends!  Oregon is lovely, but we were ready for some sunshine and dry weather.

Our next stop was Nevada City, CA – we hiked, we checked out the town, but we did not get away from the winter weather yet.

On the way to Death Valley National Park, we passed through Reno, NV and got to see some friends who live there!

After getting some tips from friends of ours, we took a few extra days to get to Death Valley and stopped at some hotsprings.  Our first stop was Travertine Hotsprings near Bridgeport, CA and it was amazing.  It was a free, natural springs that had pools spread out over the park area.  There were amazing views of the mountains from the pools and we were able to park Cici right by the pools to camp for the night.  We soaked during sunset and sunrise the next morning and it was beautiful.

Our next stop was supposed to be another springs near by, but it was very snowy and we decided to keep heading South hoping for better weather.  We found a hot springs South a ways (without snow) and decided to stay for the night.  It was an actual creek with moving water, people had built up little pools with rocks to make it a bit deeper.  There were some locals there during the day and we talked and soaked before calling it an early night before heading into Death Valley.  We got up early and watched the sun rise again from one of the pools and both agree that coffee in a hot springs is a fantastic way to wake up.

The next day we drove into Death Valley, but that will have to be another blog post.



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