We’re Heading North!

Now that we had run the Icefield Parkway, it was time to stop tooling around southern Canada and start making our way North! Our first night was spent at Lasalle Lake Rec-Site on our way to Prince George.

In Prince George Paul changed Cici’s oil and we got provision for adventures ahead. We didn’t stay long as the city didn’t much appeal to us. That night we ended up in Mackenzie.  There wasn’t much going on there, but we wanted to make some miles and this was a convenient resting place.  We did have the honor of seeing the world largest tree crusher!  Which after reading the info board, seems like it was a pretty huge engineering fail, but to its credit pretty mean looking.

From Mackenzie we headed towards Dawson Creek, where Mile ‘0’ of the Alaskan Highway begins! A fun landmark to reach as our mechanical setback had us questioning how far north Cici would take us until the weather drove us back south.  Along the way we stopped in Chetwynd for a phew photos of very impressive chain saw art.  The town is known for the wood  carvings and holds an international chainsaw art competition.  The winning pieces have the honor of being displayed on the main drag in town.

Clear roads made the miles easy to come by and we made it to the Alaskan Highway! We took the obligatory photos of Mile 0, got some antifreeze for Cici’s holding tanks and took off.

A short while into the drive it was very evident that we were now headed into very grand and uninhabited country.  Towns were very few and far between and the snow started to show in the tress and on the ground.  It was really starting to feel like we were entering The Great North.


It was getting dark as we arrived to Pink Mountain, basically a fueling station and restaurant was all that was there.  The services in ‘town’ didn’t interest us, so we found an empty lot a couple miles down the road to rest for the night.

The next morning we headed back into Pink Mountain to fuel up.  A fresh layer of snow covered the roads and it was pretty slick.  Given advice from some locals we held off a few hours to make sure the plows had come through the pass, and the trucks were given a chance to pack down the snow for us.  There was a steep pass a few miles up the road that was known to cause problems…  That night we made it into Fort Nelson we got groceries and advice on road conditions from a very helpful women at the info center.

Just North of Fort Nelson we camped at Muskwa River Rec-Area.  The site was 4 miles down a snow covered single lane road.  A very pretty drive in with an even better landscape at the destination.

Next stop Liard Hot Springs, which was planned to be a much needed layover day!


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