Leaving Lillooet

After our trip through the Okanagan, we had some more time in Lillooet.  Turns out there were plenty more adventures to be had!
Most of our time in Lillooet we enjoyed having camp fires, hanging out with campground and Lillooet friends, reading, playing frisbee, hunting for firewood, visiting the Old Airport Gardens farm stand, hiking, playing cards, biking into town, or making delicious meals.

On a quiet night we decided to head into town and go to the Royal Canadian Legion, where we had met our few Lillooet friends, to have a drink.  Lucky us, our friends were there!  We ended up being invited to dinner at Don and Viv’s house and went and enjoyed sitting on couches and chatting with people, which was a nice change up from the rig and the campfire.
The next day we hiked into the little waterfall behind our campground, just a few miles away.  We were feeling adventerous, so we decided to walk back along the bank and through the creek. Yes, we decided to do this in October.  Yes, the water was freezing.  But it was FUN!
That same day, we heard that Cici’s new part would finally be shipped out from the states, the news we had been waiting for!  Now all we had to do was trust in Canada post to get it to us at some point… More on that later.
One particularly cold day, the campground host came around to tell us that there was supposed to be a huge wind storm with lots of rain, oh dear!  So we battened down the hatches and snuggled up inside.  Soon, we noticed that we hadn’t heard much out there as far as storm noises go… Turns out the storm did not in fact arrive, and it was a perfectly lovely night to enjoy a fire. However, the next day was a complete storm and it dumped rain all day long.  Once it mellowed out, we went into Lillooet and did our own version of a bar crawl (all 3 of the bars are open on weekends, lucky us!)  When we arrived back at our “home” Meridian was in the camper while Paul was cooking dinner on the fire.  Suddenly, Meridian noticed a teeny tiny ear poking out of the burner on the stove top. Turned out to be a cute little mouse, Paul named him Filo.  We spent a good portion of the evening trying to trap him under something to get him out of there, when suddenly he dissappeared… We cleaned all of the dishes and emptied out all of the cupboards before deciding we couldn’t do much about that cute little problem. *We no longer have a mouse since we moved out of that campground, by the way*
Our next big hike was up the Fountain Ridge trail, which ended at a lookout of the Fraser River Vally and a nice view of Lillooet.

Lucky for us, we get two Thanksgivings this year!  We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving on October 10th at our little home on Seton Lake.  Paul cooked a chicken stuffed with stuffing (a turkey doesn’t fit in our little oven), Meridian made scalloped potatoes and green beans, and we had Gluvine.  It was a lovely makeshift Thanksgiving in our temporary home.
The day after Thanksgiving we headed out to the Joffre Lakes Trail to hike and see the lakes.  We rode Cicita out there, which was FREEZING, we had to wear our snow gear.  Since we were on the bike, we had to make sure we were traveling when the sun was out.  (The valley we were in only gets sun from about 11-4.)  We arrived at the trail head and started off right away, we were cruising and making great time when suddenly everything became a slippery, steep ice slide.  Everyone on the trail was scrambling to get up to the lakes.  When we got up to the lake, we realized it was all worth the struggle, it was absolutely beautiful! On the slide back down, we stopped and drank some mountain spring water and Meridian only fell once!  We zipped back to camp on Cicita before the sun went down and warmed up around a big fire.

On October 12th, we had to move from our little home on Seton Lake because the campground was closing for the season.  Paul cleaned the spark plugs and charged the engine battery to get us running well enough to pull into town. We went to the mechanic shop where he planned to do the work and chatted with them for a while, they offered to let us pull in behind their shop and plug in an extension cord so we didn’t have to drive anymore or pay for a RV Park (yuck!).
The next few days were spent trying to track down the new turbo.  Since Lillooet is such a small town, FedEx doesn’t deliver here at all – it uses a courier service and tracking is impossible!  We eventually had the librarian, the owners of the bakery, and the post office workers helping us track down this dang package.  On the third day, IT ARRIVED! It was at the post office waiting for us when we walked into town.  Best day ever.
The mechanics at Beha Auto were able to get started that day.  We spent our time walking around town, visiting the old bridge, and enjoying our final days in Lillooet.


When they finished the work, we said goodbye and headed out on the road again!  It was late and getting dark, so we planned on stopping just an hour or two away to celebrate.  Suddenly, Paul noticed the engine battery wasn’t charging as we drove…  That is when he realized the alternator had gone bad and we were running solely on the batteries last charge.  We made the decision to turnaround and drive back to good old Lillooet as Paul feared we wouldn’t make it to the next town.  We spent the evening visiting our friends, meeting baby kittens, and having lots of fun.

The next day, Paul replaced the alternator in the parking lot of BEHA and we got back on the road, again…
Even though this was not what we had planned for our big trip, our time in Lillooet was a unique adventure.  We came to love the tiny town in the middle of nowhere, found lots to do and explore, met interesting people, learned a ton, and had a genuinely good time.  Lillooet will always hold a special place in our hearts.



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