Okanagan Lake

While waiting for the new part in Lillooet, we got word that it would be an additional 2 weeks until we got what we needed.  Bummer.  We got the news on a Monday, and on Tuesday we took off on the KTM (aka Cicita) to tour the Okanagan!  Now, Meridian is not a fan of riding on motorcycles, in fact she has hardly ridden on them at all until this trip.  But, we decided that we should continue adventuring while waiting for our parts. The Okanagan was next on our agenda, so we figured, “why not?”

We managed to pack our tent, sleeping bags and sleeping pads in a bag on the back of the bike, which doubled as a back rest for Meridian.  Then we shoved everything else into the saddle bags, and set out on an adventure!


First, we headed South to a town called Hope.  We found a campsite and set up for our first night.  Our neighbors (the only other people camping) invited us over to share a fire and a drink, so after eating we headed over to say hello.  After hanging out with them for a while Meridian walked back by the site and found a raccoon trying to get into our food!  After throwing rocks and shouting at the little guy, we realized we had to do something else.  The new neighbor friends offered for us to store our food in their locking rubber tote for the night, so we did!  We figured that would take care of the critter issue…  After having lots of fun with the neighbors, we retired to our little tent.  Shortly after falling asleep we were woken up by the loudest animal noise, it must have been right by our site!  (We later found out it was an Elk)  THEN there was lots of loud banging, which we could not explain…  In the morning (after not much sleep) we went to get our food from the neighbors, and it was GONE!  The tricky little raccoon had used his tiny human-like hands to break into the locked box and eat all of our food.  Butt face.  So we decided to get on the road and stop for food on our way through to Peachland.

It turns out riding on a motorcycle for too long hurts your bum.  We had to stop and give ourselves a break from time to time, but we made our way to the Okanagan over some seriously tall and cold mountain passes.  When we pulled into Peachland, we were both ready to set up camp and relax. We found an amazing free site on Silver Lake a few kms away from the little town of Peachland.

After our raccoon experience the night before, we decided to sling our food up into a tree at night.  Which is probably smart anyway since all of Canada seems to be bear country.  That was a fun little activity!
We ended up staying at Silver Lake for two nights, it was perfect!  This campsite also included lots of wildlife experience opportunities.  We had more elk noises, possibly a large bird (or dinosaur?), and lots of coyotes!  They were all less scary noises and were kinda fun to listen to.  While we were at Silver Lake we went on a few nice hikes, explored a summer camp that was shut down for the season, and relaxed around camp.

We went into Peachland and had some lunch one day where we discovered the scarecrow festival!  It was pretty silly looking at all the scarecrows around town.  Peachland was cute and all the houses had huge decks with amazing views of Okanagan Lake.

From Silver Lake we headed North to a rec site called Evely that had camp spots directly on Okanagan Lake.  We rode down a cool, winding rode along the west side of the lake and saw some mountain goats along the road.  We found a site and settled in on the lake.  It was warm enough that we could hang out in swimsuits on the beach at our site before heading in to get provisions for the next few nights.  While at this site we did a nice waterfall hike, Paul swam in the lake (too cold for Meridian), explored Fentry Provincial Park, and went into Kelowna for an evening.

Since we had been on the bike for the last five days and were probably in need of a shower before we left on this adventure, we decided to check in to an Airbnb for a night of “luxury”.  Paul found a little cabin on Mara Lake, North of where we were, that happened to be on a cute little family farm!  We headed to the farm after leaving the lake and stopped to explore Salmon Arm along the way.  The country roads were beautiful and the leaves were changing everywhere making for a wonderful ride.  We arrived at the farm and met the hosts before giving ourselves a tour of the farm and introducing ourselves to the animals.  Meridian had a great time petting the animals and making friends.   As we headed back to the cabin, the hosts offered us a beer and we chatted with them for a while before cleaning up and making dinner.  As the night went on, we continued to hang out with the hosts (who we have named Doll Face Dave and Mrs. Doll Face Dave) and had a great time.  In the morning, after another visit with the farm animals and a walk around the property, we headed out.  We got back on Cicita to head to Lillooet and hopefully get Cici’s new part.

The ride back was a long one, and it was only made longer by a landslide that occurred about 10 miles outside of Lillooet, shutting down the highway.  We had to go back the way we came and added an hour to our trip, but we made it back before it was dark and were happy to be back at our temporary home in Lillooet.

All in all it was a fantastic trip, even though Meridian had to adjust to riding on a motorcycle and Paul had to deal with her squeezing him every time he accelerated.  We got to see more of B.C. and go on a new kind of adventure.







4 thoughts on “Okanagan Lake

  1. You two are so cute together!!! I love that all the bumps in the road arent stopping you guys from having such a cool and unique road trip! Rowan asks about you two often and we just got his costume in the mail, ill send a pic! Thank you for taking the time to write all this out and post photos its such a nice break to check in and see how you two are doing. Like reading the next chapter in a book!

    Love you guys, we miss you!!


  2. I still squeeze Brennan if he accelerates to much. Love that you are having these experiences. Sometimes things happen so that we have to slow down and really get to know a place! Hugs!


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