We have decided to move to Lillooet.

Just kidding.  We are here for the long haul though, departure date TBD.

So we decided to leave Whistler and venture North/East to do some more gentle touring while waiting for Cici to get her new part.  However, while coming over a big mountain pass North of Pemberton, Cici decided she was too tired to go on.  It was pretty late at night (well, it was dark) and Paul pulled over on the side of the road to check on some stuff.  We decided to continue on to a campsite a few kilometers away, but Cici had a different plan.  We got going again and she stopped.  In the middle of the road.  (Did I mention it was dark?)  There was no real pull out, and we were on a bit of a curve.  Fortunately for us, someone in a big truck came around the corner and stopped to see if we needed help.  We hooked the wench up to his truck and he pulled us to a safe place to park for the night.  All things considered, it was a beautiful place to be stuck!  We were right on a river in the mountains with clear star-filled skies.

The next day we rode in to town to find a tow truck company and to scout out spots where we could leave Cici for a while.  There is a nice, big, free campground just before Lillooet (the closest town) and we decided that was our best bet.  We stopped at the gas station and, ta-da! the tow truck driver was there!  It was meant to be.  He agreed to meet us at the rig around 6 and was willing to tow us into the camp site.  After a looooong wait, he did show up and brought us to our new home, Seton Lake Rec-Site, Lillooet BC.


Since then we have had many adventures in the area, it reminds us of Central Oregon in a lot of ways.  It reminds Paul a lot of his stays at Crooked River Ranch to visit his grandparents (which makes him happy).

Around the campground (or within walking distance of)

Seton Lake (across the road from the campground)

Kayaking the Seton River

Red Rock Lookout

Fort Berens Winery, Lilloet BC

And a day trip on the moto to Kelly lake.


After the latest setback in timing on the fix, we decided to do a week long tour of the Okanagan off the back of the KTM.  It was a bit tight camping for two off of the bike, but was an awesome adventure.  Stay tuned for that post!

Lillooet is sure a pretty place to be ‘stuck’!


5 thoughts on “We have decided to move to Lillooet.

  1. I love all thee picks! What great memories you are making:) Rex would be really upset if he knew you were snuggling another kitty

    I want to hear about the Okanagan valley!!

    Love you two.


  2. How beautiful!!! What great therapy for the soul to be surrounded by clean air and such beautiful nature. We miss you guys so much and I love seeing all the photos keep it up! We love you and miss you!!


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