Whistler Area Adventures

When we headed out from Squamish and said goodbye to Joe and Pim, we decided to limp Cici up to the Whistler area for a little change of scenery while we await her replacement part.  I had never been to Whistler in the summer/fall time, only in the winter, and Paul hadn’t been at all – so why not! We found a nice little campground South of Whistler village area call Cal-Cheak and set up camp.  We found a decently sunny spot for the solar panel that was also next to the river, perfect.

Our first little adventure in the area was to Brandywine Falls.  One thing Paul and I struggle with up here is our inability to judge how long/hard hikes will be…  Every hike we have gone on has ended up 2x’s longer than anticipated – which is good, right?  More time enjoying nature!  We turned a 2.7km hike into an 11km hike and found a beautiful waterfall, which was way bigger than we expected!

Next we went off to find this old train wreck that happened around 1958, they decided it was too expensive to clean up so they just shoved the whole thing down the hill to make the rail lines accessible again.  Weird, but very cool.  Now they have turned it into a bike trail with ramps and such to make it super awesome.  Apparently there is a very easily accessed trail that takes you to the site in just a few moments.  However, Paul and I made it into a much bigger ordeal.  Right as we had given up on finding the wreckage and were just enjoying the scenery and the weather, we found it!  I enjoyed running around the wreckage and marveling at the crazy bike jumps people had built.  Paul spent time staring closely at the train parts and muttering about how similar the mechanics are today.  He took quite a few pictures of little train parts – he’s so cute.

Our next major adventure in the Whistler area included another mystery hike to find a ghost town!  There isn’t any official trail to the site, but you can drive/park and walk a few kilometers if you want.  Of course we decided to take the GPS, a rough idea of the area, and a backpack to find it ourselves.  It ended up being well worth the 13mile hike, most of it along the Sea to Sky trail.  We saw plenty of evidence of bears along the way, including some very fresh pieces of evidence – that caused us to walk around making weird noises and throwing rocks to let the bears know we were coming.  After missing the unmarked trail head and walking along the train tracks, we finally found what we were looking for.  The most obvious sign was the huge abandoned tractor next to Green Lake (which really was quite green looking, in a pretty way, not a gross way).  We continued to wander around the hillside in search of evidence of the abandoned logging town/sawmill.  It had apparently been abandoned in 1966 after about 40 years of logging – the town even included a store and a school.  The ghost town included some structures that had fallen down, an old truck, the old tractor I mentioned, stoves, mattress springs, lots of tin cans of various shapes and sizes, a water pipe sticking out of the ground – still spouting water, and one building that was still standing.  It was pretty spooky!  We made it back to Whistler Village right as the sun was going down, and we were pooped.

That is all for now, wifi is spotty in this little town (Lillooet) we are in for right now.  More updates to come soon as we will be here for a little while longer and know where to go to get wifi access.



3 thoughts on “Whistler Area Adventures

    1. I have a ton more pics of all the machinery. It was pretty fun looking at how they did everything. The trains look very familiar… Not to much different today, We are back in Portland for a coupe weeks. We’ll have to grab beer soon. Can you some more pics.


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