When Life Gives You Lemons, Make a Lemon-Lime Margarita!

Events from 8/31 – 9/6 (except for Meridians 30th!)

We  can’t move too far with the truck in its current state, so we are making the best of it by exploring the Squamish/Whistler area.  There could be a lot worse places to spend a couple weeks!

Although our time at Quest university was nice, we figured it best to find a campsite where we could set up properly.  Also, I don’t think Quest U wanted an RV hanging out in the lot as all the new students came to school to begin their first week.

Here are a few pics from Joe’s “dorm room” apartment(or maybe this was another building on the campus, but you get the picture).  Pretty spoiled!

We scouted a spot along the Squamish River that was supposed to be free, but it had been closed down for a year or so as irresponsible campers were trashing the place.  Food garbage was attracting bears and the last straw for the community was when  grizzly cub had to be put down as it had learned it could find food at the site.  Thus, no more free camping.

That night we found another spot further up the same road onthe internet.  This one was also free, but was an official BC Parks site so we trusted this one would be open.   It was called the Upper Squamish Riverside Campsite and was right on the river.  The next day we fueled up on gas and groceries and took off for the site.  It was a pretty cool space for a free camp.  Right on the River and not too far off of a main road. A bit loud and busy (Labor Day Weekend), but a great site for the price!


One day we went on a walked up the road from the site.  A pretty walk, but a bit of a busy road.  A lot of OHV folk flying up the road to camp for Labor Day Weekend.


Another day we took it easy and our big adventure was to go into town for groceries and to grab a beer/use the internet at The Watershed in Breckendale.  Great place if you are ever in the Squamish area. Their deck looks out over the area where the famous pictures of 100’s of bald eagles feeding on salmon are taken.  Good food and drink also.

The day after Meridian’s birthday we decided to hike Chief.  The hike was very steep and consisted for the most part of steps made of wood or stone.  The hike to the 2nd peak ended with some very steep sections where ladders or chains were provided to help hikers up the boulders.  The hike was awesome, but definitely a reminder that we aren’t quite in “advanced” hiking shape!

Other time has been spent cooking and reading.  It’s been a bit rainy here so there is only so much time you want to spend outdoors.  Thank god for the new awning!!!  Turns out I (Paul) actually enjoy reading when I’m not to distracted or tired to do so.  Who would have thought.


Our last day at the Riverside Campsite was supposed to be a relaxing day where we were to clean organize and scout out a new spot.  We had read a sign that the were going to be closing the bridge that accesses the site on the 7th (this was the 6th).  Instead of doing the things above we got a knock on the door at 7:30 by a construction worker saying we needed to move immediately as the bridge was “going down” in a matter of minutes.  We though we had made a mistake, but on our way out we confirmed that they were a day early and neglected to update their signs.  We are finding that the signage here in Canada isn’t always the best…

After hastily throwing all of our stuff into the camper, we headed straight into Breckendale to get a coffee and use the internet. We found a couple spots near Whistler that we wanted to check out and call our home for the next few days while we waited for news on the turbo.  We ended up at Cal-Cheak Recreation area campsite.  Pretty nice spot for being right on another river, and close to a bunch of hiking trails.  We thought it was a free site in the Whistler Interpretive Forrest, but took a wrong turn and ended up here, not a bad place for $9 US a night.  Showing up early to sites has it’s bonuses, mainly the ability to raid all the empty sites for abandoned firewood!

The next morning we walked to Brandywine Falls.  A great hike and the falls were way larger than expected.  We thought the hike was going to be about 3 miles round trip, but ended up being 7 (another signage mishap…)



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