Meridian’s 30th!

30th Birthday on the Road!

It all started when Paul went on his secret mission to get birthday supplies…  He couldn’t even wait till the next day to show me what he got.  First he pulled out some wine for us to drink, and then an egg suitcase (I don’t know what they are really called, see the picture below…) which sounds silly but I really wanted it.

We had a fire and drank some wine that night when Paul decided he couldn’t wait any longer and pulled out another surprise.  A FRISBEE!  I had been looking at stores everywhere we stopped for a Frisbee, but everyone said they were “seasonal” and apparently this isn’t Frisbee season.  That night, we went over to visit our neighbors who sounded like they were having lots of fun.  They were a pretty big group celebrating two other birthdays, so we joined in the party.  They were awesome and sang “Happy Birthday” at midnight complete with shots of tequila.  Plenty of fun was had.
On my actual day of birth, Joe and Pim came out from Squamish for brunch and hang out time.  Paul cooked us a yummy brunch complete with bacon (which we had been avoiding due to the mess it makes when cooking it) and bloody marys.  We played Frisbee and cards and enjoyed a wonderful brunch in the sun.

At that point we decided to cross the little creek to the island in the Squamish River to see if we could enjoy some more sun.  We found a huge sandy beach and set ourselves up for the day.  We played bocci ball with river rocks, swam in the freezing cold river, played/listened to guitar, threw around the Frisbee, and just generally had fun.

When Joe and Pim went home, Paul and I relaxed back at camp and got ready to make dinner.  Paul had one more surprise!  A birthday cake!  Fresh baked in the RV oven.

And of course, we shared with our birthday neighbors.



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