Update – Cici, Turbo Gone Bad


Cici’s sick… Long story short we’re burning oil. Found oil in the air intake and a bit leaking out of the bottom of the turbo.  Smoke show.

All seems OK when we’re moving, but any time I have to idle or in stop and go driving  (turbo pulling vacuum) it’s a bit of a scene.  Diagnosed the issue at “Redneck Beach” as bad turbo seal allowing oil to pass into the compression side of the turbo and then on into the air intake.  Unfortunate, as the turbo is about the only part on the truck that can’t be sourced quickly (which is why it was replaced before this trip…).  The turbo seal issue was confirmed  the next day by a mechanic in Port Alberni.

From Port Aberni we stayed at Whiskey Creek Campground near Parksville.  A nice campground with great walking trails to Qualicum Falls.


The next day we started to make are way to Nanaimo to take a ferry from Departure Bay to Horseshoe bay on our way to Squamish to visit our good friend Joe Sway.

We plan to stay in the Squamish area, or close to, until the truck is repaired. Joe has been a great host and we are headed to a nice campsite on the Upper Squamish River tomorrow to camp and wait for news on the new turbo.

Joe and I took a tour in his back yard (literally) on the motos.  Pretty awesome country.

We might be here a while.  Getting a turbo rebuilt and sent up here.  Fingers crossed for a quick turnaround.   My guess is that we are to be in the Squamish area for a couple weeks though.  All in all, not a bad place to be “stranded”.

Cheers!  Cici updates to come.  For now we have a heavy smoker on our hands.


6 thoughts on “Update – Cici, Turbo Gone Bad

  1. Punctuation makes all the difference…should have named the site “Cici Breaks, Borders.”

    Looks like you have the first sentence of one of the chapters of your adventure…”Not a month into our trip and we had our first car related delay. This led to the completely unexpected and wonderful experience of…”

    So happy for you guys. Enjoy the journey and be surprised by the destination.

    Liked by 1 person

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