Vancouver Island B.C.

Victoria – French Beach – Lizard Lake – Redneck Beach – Tofino

I like this island.  So far people have been so kind and helpful, we have really been enjoying ourselves.   Plus the weather has been great and it is beautiful!

The Ferry Ride to Vancouver Island (5).jpg

Getting off the ferry, we got pulled aside for “random” inspection – it probably had nothing to do with the fact that we both told customs we didn’t need to be back in Oregon at any specific date…  Anyway, it was pretty quick and painless.  We breezed through Victoria, stopping at a book store, info center, and a funky bar.  Between those three places we got some awesome advice on where to camp for free and where to go on the island.

Our first stop was at French Beach.


After making it out of the city and the traffic, we realized we had forgotten to get cash and needed that to pay for a campsite for the night… We stopped at this little market hoping for an ATM or some cash back.  Unfortunately, neither was available.  Instead this very nice guy (Christopher), who owns this French Beach Market, offered to just loan us some money so we could find a place to stay.  We stayed a ways down the road at the beach, and were able to rest after a long day of traveling.  Paul took the motorcycle in to town to get cash the next morning and I sat in his little shop and wrote our first blog post!  Bottom line, if you ever end up on this island, stop by French Beach (its awesome) and go to this market – the owner is awesome.

We headed North from there and got to see the “Gnarliest Tree in Canada” It was pretty cool, it reminded me of FernGully!

We found some sweet camping spot in an old slate rock quarry area and enjoyed an epic star show that night.  Before we settled down for the night, we explored the area on foot and motorcycle.  When I walked down to the river, the ground started moving (which of course caused me to let out a little scream) because it was COVERED in tiny tree frogs!  There were literally hundreds of thumb nail sized tree frogs hopping all over the beach.  Then I felt like I couldn’t walk because I was afraid of stepping on them… It all worked out, they jumped away with each step I took 🙂

Next we decided to do a big driving day and make it to the Tofino area, which came highly recommended to us by quite a few people.  We stopped at Kennedy Lake at a place called “Redneck Beach” that was suggested to us by a bartender in Victoria as a sweet free spot.  Turns out, he was right!  We got there and it was a busy little beach with plenty of temporary and more permanent campers spread out.  We spent four days there relaxing and enjoying a few days without driving.  We met some great people and had a lot of fun!

The waterfall below is called Kennedy River Falls and not only was the view and the swimming amazing, but getting there was quite the adventure as well.  We hopped on the motorcycle and started what we thought would be a 3-10km drive at the most.  We were more or less wrong.  It was closer to 30km and included a wheelie, a bear, and an abandoned cabin.  Needless to say, we were both happy to find a 150+ foot waterfall with a perfect swimming pool at the bottom that we got all to ourselves.

Now we are in Ucluelet and are about to head to Tofino to explore and see what it is all about!

More to come at the next wifi stop… Besos.


5 thoughts on “Vancouver Island B.C.

  1. Hey! I used to live on Vancouver island before starting a 3 year backpacking trip, I’m in Myanmar at the moment 🙂

    Some quick must so’s for the island

    -strathcona park -bed well lake and della falls hikes

    -Mount adder*** beautiful mountain hike with a cabin near the top you can stay in.

    -Mount 5040 views views views
    Both these mountains are between tofino and port Alberni you can do them on your way back

    -cape scott lighthouse hike
    -Raft cove north island surfing
    -Telegraph cove epic kayaking best on the island. imo

    Stop in a Canadian tire store and pick up a backroads mapbook. it has everything you will need including free camping spots.

    Just saw your site on the Toyota motorhome group. Good on ya! I’ll be buying a toyhome when I find myself back in Canada! Happy travels.

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