Let the adventures begin!

We packed up the house, said goodbye to the kitty (and friends and family), and set off down the road.  Our plan was to camp around Oregon, shake down the rig (aka Cecilia aka Cici), and assess our pack job.

Our first hiccup came two hours and 28 miles later… We lost the clutch and stopped at the Holiday Inn in Wilsonville to fix it.  Here is Paul with his beer bottle bleeder kit:

Fixed it! In Wilsonville, OR.jpg

We got back on the road and headed to Cougar Reservoir area, where we got in after dark.  We found a flat spot, set up camp, and relaxed.  Our plan was to watch the meteor shower, but between clouds and a nearby fire, we didn’t get to see much action.  The next morning, we hiked around the reservoir near Echo Boat Launch, and swam in a pristine stream.  From there we drove to the McKenzie River area and surprised Paul’s nephew Austin, his parents, and some family friends at their beautiful cabin on the river.  We got to go on a McKenzie river run, Austin’s first rafting experience, and had a nice fire at night.

The next day we left the cabin and headed to Eugene to visit Meridian’s family for a bon voyage lunch with her Grandma, Aunt, Uncle, and her Sister with her family (including Meridian’s nephew Rowan).  We had a great time eating, talking, and laughing, before heading towards Crater Lake!


We camped at Diamond Lake for three nights and had a fantastic time!  We were right on the lake, and we got to set up some of our outdoor furniture to really relax.  The first full day was spent at Crater Lake, because somehow Meridian had never been.  We rode the motorcycle in (another first for Meridian) and toured around the lake for a few hours.  In the afternoon we stopped to hike down to the lake for a nice cold swim in Crater Lake.  All in all it was amazing!  The next day Meridian went on a bike ride around Diamond Lake and Paul scouted us a spot for the next night.  Fortunate for us, he found a really wonderful spot to stay for our last night before returning to Portland for our friends wedding.

Rogue River spot from the last night:

P.S. Meridian is learning how to drive the rig…


…and ride of the back of motorcycles…


This is our first post, so I’m sure they will vary in length and frequency over time.  Our next post will be all about Olympic National Park and our first days/weeks of Canada.  We hope you enjoy reading our blog and following us on our excellent adventure!


15 thoughts on “Let the adventures begin!

  1. Everyday is an adventure. Loving the tour so far. Beer bottles are a tool as well as a refreshment holder. Remember…bailing wire is a tool everybody needs also! Can’t wait for more.


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